How to Build and Online Presence – Step 2

October 10, 2010

Several days ago I posted my first video on how to build an online presence.  It was about being like Nike and Just Doing it!  Get your video out there, don’t waint until your hair and make-up is just right, etc.  You just need to get it out there.

Now its on to Step 2!  How often do we need to update?  I’ve read we should update our blogs every day, several times a week, every day!   The thing is, the more the merrier.   The more often you update the more familiar people will get with you.

We have short attention spans and the more often you post the quicker folks will get to know you and find out what makes you tick.

Shoot for 5 days a week!  If you get three thats great.  Don’t let more that a week go by, we have short attention spans!  The more often you post the more folks will learn about you.

Post often but don’t post garbage, just to get something posted. Make it something that you’d want to read, if you didn’t know you!

Most of the reading and studying I’m doing about building my online presence is with these two very powerful, very smart ladies who will show you how to get where your dreams are taking you! Ann Evanston

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