How Having An Accountability Partner Has Helped Me!

The networking group I’m involved with is going through the book, The 29% Solution.   A couple of weeks ago we did the section on accountability partners.   I had no idea who I should ask, when an old friend Debbie Papa sent me a message on Facebook and asked me if I would be hers, talk about a God thing.

I’ve never had an accountability partner and wasn’t sure how effective they really are.   I have been pleasantly surprised!    Oh, going off on a rabbit trail for a second, you probably didn’t realize this but last week you were all my accountability partners, when it comes to eating right.  I had one day where I wanted to eat junk, for emotional reasons and because of all the feedback on my blog post, Garbage In, Garbage Out last week, I made a healthy food choice.  Thank you all, for keeping me on track!

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.  My accountability partner and I talk three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am.   We choose first thing Monday morning so we could talk over our weekly goals and start the week off right by praying for each other.  The unexpected thing about our Monday morning call was it has gotten me in the habit of thinking over my goals for the next week on Friday and for solidifying them by Sunday so I’m ready for our Monday morning call.  Sure would hate for her to give up a few minutes of her already busy schedule and then not be ready for her.

During our Wednesday call we find out how we’re coming along on our goals.  We encourage each other and to talk through ways to get the goals we’ve set for ourselves accomplished.  We then follow-up with a call on Friday.  On Fridays we find out what it’s going to take to get any remaining goals accomplished.  We also discuss what went well during the week and what areas we should be working on.

Do you have an accountability partner?  How have they helped you?  I’m just getting started and really want to be an asset to her, what are your suggestions?


5 Responses to How Having An Accountability Partner Has Helped Me!

  1. Great post…thanks for sharing the idea. I may put this into place to keep me on track. ;D

  2. Jean Bentley says:

    Thank you so much Darcie for your comment!

  3. Cindy Davis says:

    Where could I read more about getting an accountability partner?


  4. Cindy Davis says:


    Duh!! I see now a link to the book, where I can probably read more about this. Thanks!


    • Jean Bentley says:

      Cindy, the book is great on networking and has one chapter on accountablity partners. Oh and the chapters are very small, like 3-4 pages but it was enough for me to see the benefit of having one.

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