When Was The Last Time You Said Thank You to a Business?

Last week we talked about how important it was to keep your name on top of your customer’s mind by sending notes or cards on a regular basis. It’s a great way to let your customers know that you appreciate them. Well, let’s put a twist on that! What do you do when you get great service from a business?

Unfortunately, about 6 weeks ago our air conditioning unit went out. I live in Southwest Georgia and it gets and stays hot here in the summer. Well with outside temps near 100 degrees, with heat indexes around 110 I was, not a happy camper! The air conditioning repair man came and checked out our unit he was very nice a professional, and politely answered all of our questions and pumped enough coolant in our system to hold us over until our new unit could be installed.

The next week, of course this happened on a Friday, the team that replaces units came to the house; they were so polite and promised to clean up any mess they made. The heat index was way up there again but you would never know it by their attitudes. They were so pleasant that I stood outside and talked with them for a bit, while they worked. I made sure I got their names and told them I was going to tell their boss what a great job they did. So I did!

I took a picture of the South Georgia Heating and Cooling sign in our front yard, logged into my SOC account and created a card using that picture. In the card I mentioned each person that came to our house, by name and told their boss what a great job they did. I was very specific as to why they stood out.
Last week, one of the guys came by the house because we’re having a little condensations problem. The card was mentioned and he told me they framed it and hung it in the office. How neat is that!

When was the last time you thanked someone for the great service you received, by sending a note, card, letter or even just calling their supervisor to let them know? Seriously! Think about it! Next time you receive great service, take the time to let it be known!


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