Change and Changing Diapers!

My mind makes some very strange analogies now that I’m a grandmother.  For instance, I was thinking about change.   Don’t ask me why but changing my grandson’s diaper flashed through my mind.  Ever notice how babies fuss when they need a diaper change, fight the process of being changed but when it’s all over, they get back up and back to the business of exploring their surrounds, playing with their toys and generally bringing  joy to those around them.

Think about it, how many of us act the same way when we face change!  We know something has to give, we’ve fussed, contemplated, stressed, talked, blogged, posted on Facebook, and Tweeter about the need or want for something different, in our lives or careers.   Then the decision is made, we’re going to do it, we’re going to do what it takes to make this change happen in our lives.   We talk our decision over with our friends and family and get their thoughts, concerns and support.  That’s when the calm hits, the peace, the joy and hope of change coming lifts our spirits.  Just like that baby being picked up, before the diaper change, the fussing stops because they know something is happening and they know its going to be good.  How can it be bad, they’re in the arms of someone who loves and cares for them?

But, then it happens, the pulling away, the baby has to be separated from the caregiver to be changed.  This is where the struggle begins, when we leave the safety of the known for the change ahead, we have a tendency to fight it every step of the way.  I can see my grandson now, squirming and struggling, fighting to get out of the situation he’s in, holding his arms up, wanting me to pick him up from the changing table back into the comfort of what he knows. Goodness, don’t we get that way too!   We fight the change and start wondering if this is the right thing to do!  What if it’s not?  What if I fail?  What if I don’t?  We thrash around like the toddler on the changing table, fighting the process just about every step of the way.   When it would so much easier is trust the process and the planning, and go with the change.  The thing is, when it’s all said and done, just like that little one with a nice clean diaper, we realize that we survived the challenge and are better off for having gone through it.


3 Responses to Change and Changing Diapers!

  1. Ron Hori says:

    Great analogy! Sometimes we act like cry babies, too, although venting can help. As long as we don’t prolong it.

  2. What a wonderful analogy. I love the your second paragraph brings to light who people (all of us to some extent or another) want our lives to be different, but ironically don’t want to change anything we’re doing.

    Well done!

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