We’re closing, come back later!

Does your office close for lunch? Have you or your staff turned someone away because it is close to lunch time or near closing? I am filling in at an Optometry office and am shocked by how often I hear a patient being told that the office is closing for lunch. We have had prospective customers come in to pick out and buy new glasses close to lunch and were told over and over that we are closed for lunch. I don’t get it, why not help the customer! Why close for lunch? Why not have a plan in place so that if someone does come in right before closing, the staff knows who is to stay and take care of the customer. Treat them as if you really appreciate their business and that you want them to come back instead of making them feel like they are inconveniencing you or the staff?
What do you do when a customer comes in or calls your place of business right before closing time? Do you tell them to come back the next day or do you treat them as if your business depends upon them. Do your customers walk away glad they stopped by, no matter how close to closing time, or do they walk away regretting the encounter?


One Response to We’re closing, come back later!

  1. Mar Ziola says:

    I agree… ALL my customers have come to the expectations of me getting back to them ASAP… I have found when I can’t get right back to them if I tell them… I will get back to them with in a time frame they are more accepting … If you treat your customers as you want to be treated they become more loyal. We all want loyal customers don’t we???

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