Get them talking!

Treat them Right! Sounds simple doesn’t it? Most businesses probably think they are treating their customers right, “They’re satisfied, isn’t that enough!” Well, sure it is if you just want satisfied customers, but if you want loyal, referring customers, simply satisfying your customers is just not enough. What are you doing to stand out? When was the last time a customer, client, or patient walked out of your place of business and told someone else about how great they were treated or how great they felt when they left? Shouldn’t that be your goal? Wouldn’t it be great to have your customers walk out so thrilled about how they were made to feel that they told their friends, family, co-workers, heck anyone who would listen; about their experience in your business.
Take sometime this week; think about what you can do to make your customer’s day. What can you do to keep them talking about you after they walk out the door?


One Response to Get them talking!

  1. Fabulous information, Jean! In Mary Kay, we are taught to “treat every woman as though she has a sign around her neck that says’Make me feel important’, and treat them like gold.” Because you are right…they can go anywhere for professional help and education; you want ot be the one with the info, and an “attitude of gratitude” about their business!
    It makes what YOU represent all the more important!

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